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I always wanted to create a new piano music, full of emotions, experiences; self-sufficient, melodic music without borders, full of fresh air, bright colours that is in tune with the new time. Everybody can visualize what they feel; every composition is like a small movie.

Evgeniy Sokolovskiy
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A famous Russian ice dancer Ilya Averbuh chose Evgeniy Sokolovskiy’s composition “Megapolis” for his Ice Show ; Julia Lipnitskaya in her short program “Megapolis” showed a brilliant performance in the World cup Figure Skating Championships; a Belarus national team in rhythmic gymnastics is using Evgeniy’s composition “French waltz” in their competitions.

Evgeniy Sokolovskiy’s music stands alongside with the works of such acknowledged composers as Eugen Doga, Alexey Rybnikov, Eduard Artemyev.

Evgeniy ‘s highly professional and emotionally charged performances conquered not only Russian audience; his music is also well-known and loved in Europe and Asia.

His bright and masterful interpretations of the famous pieces of classical music and his own compositions were often used in the opening ceremonies and presentations. Among them are:

At the moment Evgeniy is working under his new solo album and show program, which he is going to present in 2016.